For this project, I packaged an exhibition based around horror film design — this entailed character, costume, set, and sound design. The components for this project included a poster advertising the show, a catalogue with at least three double page spreads, some form of promotional merchandise, and a website. 
I turned the merchandise into a miniature project itself, by creating a horror survival kit. Inside of a wooden crate, you would receive the catalogue which I designed for the exhibit, a limited edition destroyed t-shirt, a small book of tips on how to survive, along with several items that are commonly used for survival in horror films. These items included: a first aid kit, an actual survival guide, a paracord bracelet, a pocket knife, matches, an energy shot, a cross, holy water, and sage. The subject of horror has always interested me, and this project allowed me to submerge myself in it for a few weeks.

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